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We have a truly epic line-up in store for you this month, folks. From a cheeky kiwi to an emerging filmmaker with his sights on magic, this show promises to be an eclectic mix of magic, mystery and laugh-out-loud entertainment. To top it all off, we’ll be welcoming the delightful Lee Cohen as our guest host for the evening. With her unique mix of elegance, humour and pizzazz, Lee will not only leave you baffled, she’ll likely charm and enchant you in the process.

Featured Acts:

  • Brandon Gardiner – This talented filmmaker has embarked on a recent crash course in magic, and you can watch his incredible journey right here. It all culminates on October 2nd, when Brandon presents his first ever show right here at Top Hat Tuesday. After months of angst, sweat and discovery, it’s time to finally unveil Melbourne’s newest magician in grand style!
  • Caleb Street – With cunning intellect and a sharp eye for detail, this discerning mentalist brings smart, thoughtful routines to the stage. Prepare for amazing feats of mind reading, intuition, coincidence, thought projection, precognition, and more!
  • Vyom Sharma – One third of the Australia’s Got Talent finalists, Gentlemen of Deceit, Vyom is a magic force to be reckoned with. With his easy-going and endearing personality, Vyom showcases polished performances that are equally as entertaining as they are absolutely gobsmacking.
  • Brendan Dooley (NZ) – Awarded New Zealand’s Best Comedy Magician, this potty-mouthed kiwi has returned to our shores once again! With elements of cheekiness, quirkiness and pure fun, he combines non-traditional magic, original quick wit comedy, clever pickpocketing and insane stunts to create an experience that will not soon be forgotten!

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to seeing you at the show (tickets are on sale now if you would like to secure your seat)! To stay in touch, be sure to join us on Facebook for all the latest news, announcements and special offers!

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