Next Show: Aug 2nd

August 2016
Crowd favourite, Nick Kesidis, will host our August edition of Top Hat Tuesday, featuring his usual antics of fast-paced and impactful magic. And, with incredible supporting acts from an elite group of local and interstate magicians (including two thirds of Australia’s Got Talent finalists, the Gentlemen of Deceit), our August show is set to be another night of mystifying entertainment!

  • Lee Cohen – As Director of the Melbourne Magic Festival, Lee has produced many popular shows and workshops, delighting audiences with her unique mix of elegance, humour and pizzazz. Bringing grace and style to the stage, Lee will not only leave you baffled, she’ll likely charm and enchant you in the process.
  • Vyom Sharma – One third of the Australia’s Got Talent finalists, the Gentlemen of Deceit, Vyom is a magic force to be reckoned with. His intelligent performances are stapled with a modern and edgy mentalism that simply has to be seen to be believed.
  • Rosanna Macca – From Malaysia to Mumbai, Rosanna has travelled the world showcasing her delightful blend of comedy, glamour and natural charm. Gifted with a unique ability to bring people together and make them smile, Rosanna’s magic is always a delight to experience.
  • Alex De La Rambelje – An artful conjurer (and another third of the Gentlemen of Deceit!) Alex is one of Melbourne’s most polished performers. A dynamic showman with breath-taking sleight-of-hand skills, he’ll be sure to leave you questioning the rules of physics.

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