Next Show: Sept 6th

September 2016
We have a jam-packed line-up for you on September 6, hosted by local favourite and internet viral sensation, Dom Chambers. Expert sleight-of-hand, mind-bending mentalism, and award-winning stage sets are just a sample of the magical variety you can expect throughout the evening. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Nicola Gidley and Gali Novak – As two of Australia’s brightest upcoming magicians, Nicola and Gali have already established award-winning repertoires. In their Top Hat Tuesday debuts, these young conjurers will showcase the exceptional routines that won them first and second place at the Australian Junior Championships of Magic.
  • Felix Lee – Melbourne-based magician, Felix Lee, is known for weaving his incredible close-up magic skills with artful storytelling. Returning to Top Hat Tuesday by popular demand, he will showcase some of the delightful set pieces that have made him a hot commodity.
  • Ben Sheldon – Specialising in modern, edgy mentalism, Ben can impress even the hardest of sceptics with his psychological trickery! His entertaining presentations create amazing feats of mind reading, intuition, coincidence, thought projection and precognition.
  • Nigel Xu – One of Melbourne’s most talented magicians, Nigel Xu weaves expert sleight of hand with surprising comedy and charm. Presenting a seamless fusion of mysterious eastern conjuring arts and modern western illusions, Nigel Xu will quickly capture your imagination.

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