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Crowd favourite, Nick Kesidis, will host our May edition of Top Hat Tuesday, featuring his usual antics of fast-paced and impactful magic. And, with incredible supporting acts from an elite group of local and international performers, our March show is set to be another night of mystifying entertainment!

  • Dandyman – Award winning 5 star absurd physical comedian extraordinaire, Daniel Oldaker, has performed in over 35 countries around the world from the Opera House to outdoor festivals in Poland. His unique brand of entertainment is sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear.
  • Jordan Doust – A talented entertainer, Jordy blends fast hands with a pinch of comedy to leave you both amazed and in stitches. Performing professionally since 2012, Jordy has travelled to fourteen countries to showcase his talents, including the popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Clement Kerstenne (Belgium) – Well known in the magic community, this international guest star comes across the globe with a reputation for impossible dexterity and sleight of hand. For a short-time only, he’s brought his talents to the land down under, and we’re thrilled to showcase his repertoire here at Top Hat Tuesdays.
  • Donald Trump (Master of Delusion) – U.S president and reality TV star, Donald Trump, presents his next foray into policy-lite political entertainment: this time he is going to ‘Make Magic Great Again!’ You won’t believe your eyes, ears, or good sense, as truth disappears, the impossible becomes possible, and we enter a world where black is white and fluorescent orange skin is not always a sign of jaundice. But be quick, before tickets sell-out or the world ends in nuclear Armageddon!

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