Next Show: Oct 4th


Join us on October 4th as we present our second annual MagicSports tournament! Featuring cast members from the Melbourne Magic Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this show will see two teams of Melbourne’s leading magicians pitted against each other in the ultimate competition. But what exactly is MagicSports?

MagicSports put a magician’s creativity, showmanship and skill to the test. Over the course of the evening, the competing magicians will be forced to improvise their way through a collection of hilarious and inventive games. It’s “Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?” meets “David Copperfield”, and it’s a whole lot of fun. But what’s the best part? The audience provide all the suggestions, ideas, topics and props that shape the games, ensuring that the magicians truly have no idea what to expect.

Some of our favourite games include:

  • Assistant from Hell – While performing a routine, the magician must incorporate random objects brought out by an assistant at regular intervals.
  • Emotional Rollercoaster – While performing his favourite magic trick, the magician must change his mood at regular intervals based on an emotion suggested by the audience.
  • Drunk Tech – The tech plays a random song based on suggestions from the audience. The magician then performs his routine in the style, mood and timing of the song, as though the whole thing has been carefully rehearsed.
  • Trade Show – The magician must perform his routine as if he was selling a product in an infomercial.
  • Magicoke – The magician not only has to improvise a magic trick, but also the lyrics to a popular karaoke song while he performs.
  • Make a Trick – The magician must invent and perform a new routine with objects borrowed from the audience.
  • And More! So come and join us for a laugh-out-loud night of entertainment!

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