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When it comes to magic in Melbourne, no month is bigger than July! Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Melbourne Magic Festival runs from July 3 to 15 and promises to take you to the extreme end of visual theatre with over 300 performances of 65 different shows including top international guest magicians from all over the world!

To celebrate this magical time of year, our July 4th edition of Top Hat Tuesday will be a thrilling Magic Festival Showcase! You’ll witness some of this year’s most highly anticipated acts, and all for a fraction of the cost of a full show ticket. You’d have to be bananas to miss it!

  • Dom and Dumber – Gone Girl: The award-winning sketch comedy magicians (Dom Chambers, Bayden Hammond) return with their brand new show, Gone Girl, following one man and the epic quest to save his kidnapped dog. Showcasing their trademark cast of quirky characters, it’s an unabashedly shameless spoof of Hollywood thrillers, complete with a mind-bending plot twist you won’t see coming.
  • Peter Nguyen – Welcome to the Movies 3: In this third instalment of his popular show franchise, experience a journey through some of Peter’s favourite movies, themed with memorable magic tricks. Watch as movie magic comes to life: no CGI, no special effects and no stunt doubles! Magic and movies make a perfect pair, so bring along a box of popcorn and enjoy the show.
  • Raymond Truong – A Night of Variety 2: Raymond Truong has twice won the Australian Society of Magicians annual magic competition. He is known for blending magic, juggling and physical comedy to create a unique, fast-paced act. In A Night of Variety 2, Ray will share some of his favourite pieces, with an emphasis on stunning close-up effects.
  • Cath Jamison – Conjure Woman: Back by popular demand, Australia’s multi-award winning illusionist and mentalist, Cath Jamison – with her deliciously sassy brand of humour – proves that women’s intuition does exist! Named one of the most “bizarre and unusual” women entertainers in Australia, Cath Jamison will delve into your innermost thoughts in this hilarious and mind blowing stage show.
  • Simon Coronel – Things by Simon: Top Hat Tuesday is thrilled to welcome back one its favourite artists for the first time in over three years. Fresh from living in Hollywood (and a three month contract in Macau) international award winner Simon Coronel provides an unequalled experience of astonishment, comedy, and his unique take on magic and illusion.

Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to catch five shows in one as Top Hat Tuesday celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Melbourne Magic Festival!

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